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Transform the way you search for data, connect, collaborate, and discover suppliers
Our platform is an all-in-one solution that beautifully digitizes your supplier relationships, simplifies vendor collaboration, and empowers you to discover new potential partners.
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What Makes BabelusAI Special?

For the past twenty years, we have encountered constant challenges in our interactions with suppliers, which included communicating via emails, opening and reviewing documents, scrutinizing supplier websites, examining proposals, and searching for new suppliers. The realization of the need for a unique suite of tools and strategies to significantly streamline the process and make supplier management less tedious and more enjoyable led to the development of Babelus: an AI-powered system refined and stress-tested through countless interactions by numerous teams, that has emerged as the pinnacle of a simplified, enhanced vendor and collaboration management model.

Babelus works because it is the easiest place for everyone, both on the buyer's side and the supplier's side, to discuss pricing, delivery terms, information requests, order status, and technical queries. Not in endless chains of emails going back and forth, but all intuitively organized in one centralized place where everyone can collaborate.

Besides, the combination of a beautifully digitized supplier interface, connected to supplier data on the internet, and a Generative AI-powered chat offers a unique place for supplier data management and queries.
Babelus is intentionally simple by design. That's why teams that sometimes go out searching for "more power" end up crashing into the consequences of overpowered software: Complexity. Complexity doesn't work. Babelus does.

Who uses Babelus? Top-notch enterprises, medium and small size companies, engineers, and suppliers across several industries from three continents.

Do it. Package it all together. Get rid of the frustrating and inefficient multi-application approach of "stuff scattered all over the place" and switch to Babelus' all-in-one, unified, organized supplier management method. Take it to the next level.


Supplier Management

Improve the knowledge about the company's vendors exponentially through Data harvest and keep suppliers' data up to date. Run searches in natural language and say goodbye to reliance on manually entered static data and category-based searches.

Supplier Collaboration

The era of navigating through endless emails and the laborious process of opening multiple files for data extraction is in the past. With SupplierProConnect, conduct conversations with suppliers by yourself or using chatbots and ask our chat to generate reports and insights from those conversations.

Supplier Discovery

Web-based searches for new suppliers or show visits are a thing of the last century. Diversify supplier base in seconds, augmented with our AI data harvesting model. Our AI can deliver the highest-quality supplier list and get the contact ready to chat with companies in a blink of an eye.

Goodbye to excel and conversations scattered in endless emails threads

Committed to Your Needs
BabelusAI eliminates the chaos of interacting with suppliers via email by providing a single place to conduct RFx, purchase order records, and technical queries in topic-based conversations. Plus, say goodbye to building comparative spreadsheet guidelines and opening every conversation and file. Our AI Chat summarizes every conversation, RFX, or purchase order.

Introducing AI Chat: "Just Ask"

Improving supply chain resilience
Our interface, "Just Ask," advocates direct communication with data and suppliers. This approach facilitates a dynamic flow of information and ensures access to real-time data, essential in an ever-changing world.

Our innovative approach offers a significant advantage in a world increasingly willing to embrace AI as a predictive tool and an instrument to generate plans and take proactive action autonomously.


Data Harvesting

Improve the knowledge about the company's vendors exponentially through Data harvest and keep suppliers' data up to date. 
Run searches in natural language and say goodbye to reliance on manually entered static data and category-based searches.

Vendors Magnifically Digitized

All your suppliers (including prospects) in one place, brilliantly digitized.
Collaborate with your team, post notes, chat with vendors, and ask BabelusAI chat about anything related to suppliers (SupplierGPT).

Conversations By Subject

Streamline communication and ensure focused discussions by maintaining project-specific chats. A centralized hub for all communication with suppliers, allowing you to efficiently manage RFIs, exchange vital project updates, share documents, and engage in real-time discussions.

Internal and External Collaboration

Bring together teams within your organization and suppliers to work collaboratively towards common goals.

Everyone knows what's happening

Team members can collaborate efficiently, eliminating the need for disjointed communication channels and ensuring that everyone stays informed and aligned. Break down communication barriers, increase productivity, and enhance supplier management.

Assisted Service 

You are never alone. The Customer Loyalty Team (CLT), staffed by in-house managers and subject matter experts, is ready to help you, in a matter of minutes, source suppliers and export data.

Supplier Portal

A super simple portal to interact with suppliers while keeping track of every query, purchase order, and technical issue. Control which suppliers are registered with your company: as simple as inviting them with their email addresses.

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