1. All-Inclusive Intelligence: Insight360 provides an amalgamation of intelligent analysis, vendor data amalgamation, web data extraction, and language query processing, simplifying business data interpretation.

2. Time-saving: Insight360 offers automated data analysis and aggregation, enabling swift decision-making by providing insightful data.

3. Vendor Knowledge: Insight360 allows businesses to gain in-depth knowledge of the current base and find new ones, facilitating improved supply chain management.

4. One-stop-shop: Insight360 act as a comprehensive solution for business data needs, streamlining operations.

5. High-Quality Data: The data provided by Insight360 is expertly curated and labeled to ensure accuracy and relevance, supporting robust decision-making.
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Descubrimiento de proveedores

Our advanced data collection process is engineered to evaluate your existing suppliers and automatically identify potential new vendors that still need to be part of your company. This unique capability provides an enriched supplier database, opening doors to new collaborations, products, and services, fueling your competitive edge.

We also offer customized data generation for specific projects, enabling companies to streamline project-based vendor sourcing. Forget the limitations of traditional supplier discovery tools and embrace a seamless, data-driven solution that keeps your company ahead of the curve.
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In an era where data is a critical asset, the unique "Spaces" feature of BabelusAI facilitates efficient data collection directly from vendors. Traditional data collection methods often lack real-time updates, critical insights, and the direct perspective of vendors. The "Spaces" feature addresses this by enabling BabelusAI to engage directly with vendors for data collection. This supplements online data collection and encourages vendors to confirm or contribute additional data unavailable online. Through this, BabelusAI empowers 360Insights to generate high-quality insights that are timely, accurate, and vendor-verified.

Goodbye to manual message analysis, applying Gen AI to interactions. One of the significant advantages of Spaces is the ability to use Gen AI for vendor responses. It allows our AI Chat to generate insights on the information collected, eliminating the construction of comparative matrices, individual analysis of conversations, endless chains of emails, and more.
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BabelusAI Focuses in:

Streamline Buyer Research

Offer your buyers a reliable place to search for supplier information and save them time-consuming research

Instant Supplier Discovery

Discover new suppliers in seconds and escape months of searching, portal analysis, and endless internet research

Effortless Supplier Management

Offer prospective suppliers a place to submit relevant information and let our AI assist you and summarize conversations for you, so now you know in which vendors you spend energy

Centralized Supplier Information

Have up-to-date information in one place for your company's suppliers and those who are not yet suppliers

Enhance Supplier Relationships

Get to know your suppliers deeply and improve RFPs by making broader queries
ML and Generative AI for smart sourcing
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