Generative AI for supplier data

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Say it naturally; receive supplier data instantly.
BabelusAI provides an accessible natural language interface to turn supplier data into structured knowledge.

It combines the power of our proprietary ML with generative AI to analyze supplier information commanded by words.

BabelusAI analyzes the language and images of thousands of supplier websites, datasets, documents, chats, and reports to match suppliers based on criteria and needs and generate insights.

What can BabelusAI do?

Descubrimiento de proveedores

Nuevos proveedores basados en especificaciones técnicas con supervisión de expertos en la categoría.

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AI Search Engine

Take advantage of our powerful AI-based search engine that suggests suppliers based on words and avoid endless visits to websites and catalogs
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Los 3 Principales Retos de Procura

Limited data

E-procurement data can be limited due to human error in entering and tagging data, which can cause missing important categories and lead to different interpretations.

Data search is a long and tedious process

It is quite difficult for managers to search for suppliers and generate insights accurately.

Endless profile analysis

Finding the right supplier and discovering new ones can be a time-consuming and daunting task that requires analyzing supplier profiles from various sources.

Los Algoritmos BabelusAI

BabelusAI operates externally to existing procurement systems and can be integrated with e-procurement and risk analytics platforms.
Nuestra Tecnología
Utilizamos modelos de Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Deep Learning y HITL (Human-In-The-Loop) para digitalizar un proceso que no está digitalizado y liberar a los managers del tedioso trabajo manual.
Nuestra plataforma ofrece acceso a información actualizada. Además, nuestro motor de búsqueda facilita la búsqueda de proveedores y conocimientos de manera práctica. Todo ello en una herramienta que no requiere ni implementación ni entrenamiento.

Sin implementación ni entrenamiento requeridos

With BabelusAI, you’ll never miss out on getting connected with an important supplier.

Nuestro motor permite encontrar los mejores proveedores del mundo para tu especialidad y región.
ML and Generative AI for smart sourcing
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