The New Way of Searching, Assessing, and Discovering Suppliers

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Match suppliers based on product or service requirements, enhanced with GenAI Chats
Say goodbye to the old-fashioned way of collecting and searching for information.

BabelusAI analyzes suppliers' offerings and builds the highest-quality supplier lists, avoiding the manual labor pains of assessing supplier technical capabilities. It also allows companies to find new vendors fastly.

RFP and Supplier Discovery will take off in seconds, improving sourcing processes and contributing to a resilient supply chain.

Interaction with the platform happens through advanced Gen AI chats that enable natural language queries, moving away from traditional methods of data interaction and making the system accessible to non-technical users.

What can BabelusAI do?


Insight360 offers a robust combination of web data extraction, intelligent analysis, vendor data aggregation, and natural language query processing. It simplifies the task of gathering and interpreting data for businesses.
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 Supplier Discovery

  Our advanced data collection process is engineered to evaluate your existing suppliers and automatically identify potential new vendors that still need to be part of your company. 
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The unique "Spaces" feature facilitates efficient data collection directly from vendors. Traditional data collection methods often lack real-time updates, critical insights, and the direct perspective of vendors. The "Spaces" feature addresses this by enabling BabelusAI to engage directly with vendors.
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Our Vision

Empowering Research, Decoding Business - Your AI-Powered Gateway to Supplier Insights

Your customized SupplierGPT

A Data ScoutAI, but with the difference: having a secure place powered with quality data up-to-date, curated by subject-matter-experts.

Complexity doesn't work. BabelusAl does.

BabelusAI is intentionally simple by design. That's why teams that sometimes go out searching for "more power" end up crashing into the consequences of overpowered software.

Revolutionize Your Data

BabelusAI enhances the companies' data with structured suppliers superbly digitized without intervening with your systems.

Top Challenges

In the dynamic supply chain management landscape, resilience is a key attribute reinforced by two key factors:
Strong supplier collaboration
But, collaboration with suppliers is primarily executed via email, which complicates interactions and the application of AI in conversations.
Supplier diversification
Companies rely on static data that is entered manually, and supplier assessment is run by hand, preventing them from improving searches and broadening suppliers in each category.

Unleash Supplier Potential

Discover new suppliers, increase knowledge about your suppliers, and collect data directly from vendors with the all-in-one solution.
ML and Generative AI for smart sourcing
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